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Lenovo ThinkPad will offer Linux pre-installed

Lenovo ThinkPad will offer Linux pre-installed

According to an announcement published by Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader, on the popular website Fedora Magazine, new Lenovo ThinkPad laptops with Fedora Workstation pre-installed will be available in a near future. It is a pilot of Lenovo’s Linux Community Series – Fedora Edition, that begins with ThinkPad P1 Gen2, ThinkPad P53 and ThinkPad X1 Gen8 laptops, with possibility of expanding to other models.

Miller mentions how the Lenovo team has been working closely with the Red Hat teams responsible for Fedora desktop technologies, making sure that the upcoming Fedora 32 Workstation will be fully compatible, while enforcing the existing trademark guidelines and respects to Red Hat’s open-source principles, using software exclusively from official Fedora repositories.

This is a huge step for Fedora Project, as having a brand laptop (and one of world’s biggest PC company in terms of shipments) will help bring Fedora to a wider audience.

“Lenovo is excited to become a part of the  Fedora community. We want to ensure an optimal Linux experience on our products. We are committed to working with and learning from the open source community.”

– Mark Pearson, Sr. Linux Developer from Lenovo

These are indeed good news for the Linux Community, as the joint efforts from both parties and Lenovo’s commitment to fixing issues as part of the community, means that everyone benefits from their Linux engineering work in the true spirit of open-source collaboration.

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