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29+ Google Ads Stats to Improve Your PPC Strategy

Google Ads Stats

Need help to improve your marketing plan and PPC strategy? If so, this article is just right for you! We’re going to cover some statistics about Google Ads, according to the following table of contents: TOP 5 STATS GENERAL GOOGLE ADS STATS GOOGLE SEARCH NETWORK GOOGLE DISPLAY NETWORK GOOGLE ADS FOR MOBILE BONUS STATS Before […]

43 SEO Stats to Help You Land on the First Page on 2022

SEO Stats

The reality nowadays is that if you have a business, you must have an online presence. And this may seem like an easy task – as easy as putting up a website and making a little advertising to it – but, as experienced marketing professionals state, it’s not quite like that! That’s why we prepared […]

31 Insightful PPC Stats for Better Ads in 2022


As we’ve already established in the SEO vs PPC article, paid advertising plays a very important role in marketing strategies nowadays. Looking at statistics may seem unhelpful, but the truth is that you can learn a lot from past results and apply this knowledge in your future advertising campaigns. Therefore, we’ve decided to present you […]

SEO vs PPC – An Integrated Analysis in 4 Topics


SEO vs PPC With the growing number of people focused on developing their business, project or even their Personal Marketing or Personal Branding (we can consider personal social media profiles as personal branding) on the online media channels, the terms SEO and PPC may pop up somewhere along the way. So, if you’re one of […]

How to Choose a Great Brand Name – Part 2


Following up on Part 1 of the article How to Choose a Great Brand Name, here’s the sequel! Want to learn more tips about the naming process?If so, keep reading…  For the 2nd part of this article, we are going to go over the following topics: Characteristics of the Naming Process Avoiding Bullying in the Name […]

How to Choose a Great Brand Name – Part 1

How to Choose a Great Brand Name

— BRANDING — According to MarketingMO, there are some fundamental concepts to have in mind when choosing a great brand name. Some may think that it is an easy task – and sometimes is, some names were basically “at the tip of the tongue” but not always and in the majority of the cases an entrepreneur struggles […]

Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate

Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate

The Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate question is one of the most common questions our customers ask us and there seems to be sometimes some confusion between these. Bounce Rate and Exit Rate are metrics used in digital analytics and web traffic analysis. Are most used as success indicators, but their meaning is sometimes misunderstood, […]