Dedicated Servers

R1Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 (4 Core)32 GB2 x 2 TB SATA SoftRAID500 Mbps€64,99Order Now
R2Intel Xeon E5-1540v4 (8 Core)64 GB2 x 2 TB SATA SoftRAID500 Mbps€74,49Order Now
ADV2Intel Xeon E-2136 (6 Core)32 GB2 x 2 TB SATA SoftRAID1 Gbps€86,24Order Now
ASTG1Intel Xeon D-1521 (4 Core)16 GB4 x 4 TB SATA + 500 GB SSD NVMe1 Gbps€90,99Order Now
ADV3Intel Xeon D-2141I (8 Core)32 GB2 x 2 TB SATA SoftRAID1 Gbps€95,74Order Now
FSMX1Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 (12 Core)64 GB4 TB SAS HGST Ultrastar 7K60001 Gbps€379,49Order Now

ISS.Cloud Dedicated Servers guarantee robust and tested technology tuned for the highest performance. Offering Intel® Xeon processors, enterprise class hardware, reliable network infrastructure, and more.


Our servers are designed for all kinds of professionals, from the smaller businesses looking to upgrade their services
into a more advanced solution, to industry players looking to offload the cost of servers management.

SSD Storage

Incredibly fast storage performance powered by SSD NVMe Drives

Expert Support

Amazing support from our outstanding team of dedicated professionals.

Cloud Solutions

A consistently fast, robust platform with no single point of failure.

Fine tuning

We can monitor and fine-tune your service for the best performance.

Our dedicated servers include

Operating Systems

Our dedicated servers offer a list of Operating Systems templates, all Linux based, which can be installed in a couple of
clicks, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.


Answers to most frequently dedicated hosting questions

VPS is a Virtual Private Server, where you get a server with its own operating system, independent of the others, running within a larger server.

With a Dedicated Server you get one physical server dedicated to your needs. This is typically the go-to option for customers who receive a high volume of traffic, that require a unique hosting setup, or with special requirements like organizations.

Our bandwidth is unlimited and unmetered so you won’t have to be worried with hidden costs, and you can be sure your project is scalable. This ensures you maintain constant throughput for ingress and egress traffic. Subject to the responsible use policy.

We provide 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection. We take protecting our customer’s data seriously. Our security team and safeguards are on the job all day, every day to provide the level of security needed in today’s digital age.

We also provide a wide range of products and security tools, including SSL certificates, security monitoring services, VPN access, and more.

Dedicated servers fit a wide range of needs, like big data, machine learning, dedicated storage and data backups, infrastructure virtualisation, clustering, business applications (CRM, ERP), and even online game hosting.

This is why we offer several different dedicated server classes, each of which are designed for a specific set of needs. Our sales and support teams will help you with your project, and can offer expert advice on which server to choose.

We provide different configurations for our dedicated hosting servers, configurations that are designed to suit a wide range of different use case scenarios. Depending on your usage, you might need a configuration with more storage space, bigger memory, or a faster CPU. You can choose from the different dedicated server options we have available to fit your needs.

Anyone can set up a server and serve websites from it. But running a server requires an overhead cost, power consumption alone makes a big chunk of the bill, plus hardware cost, maintenance, and so forth, making external hosting a more cost-effective solution. 

If you are looking for Colocation services, send us an inquiry.